Over the years, CCSG’s resolution has continued to bring positive change to the Commonwealth. No matter who you are or what campus you come from, it is never too late to introduce a new piece of resolution! Any PSU student, regardless if you are in a student government or not, can propose a change via resolution!

How to Write Resolutions

When proposing an idea it is suggested that you follow the steps below:

  1. Write down the premise of your idea in a draft resolution using the resolution document below. Use knowledgeable resources to craft resolution that can get your message to a variety of student groups and campuses!

  2. Use a CCSG committee to get it to the floor of Council for a vote. Choose a committee that would find the topic relevant and contact that committee director (see contact information on our Committee Page). They will then help you introduce your resolution to the whole committee and get more opinions/ideas!

  3. If the CCSG Director approves your resolution, they will bring it to his or her committee during one of our meetings. The committee will thoroughly review and edit your resolution. If a committee passes your resolution, it will then move to a vote before council.

  4. During Council Weekend, the Commonwealth Presidents and Vice Presidents will vote on your resolution!
    • If your resolution passes, congratulations! You can then begin the process of putting your resolution into action in coordination with the Committee Director.
    • If your resolution gets rejected, no worries! Head back to the committee to determine if the resolution should be reworked or discontinued.

Resolution Archive