Council Weekend

During the academic year, delegations from Penn State’s 19 Commonwealth campuses meet monthly at University Park to vote on legislation and discuss issues surrounding certain Commonwealth campuses. The two-day event is packed with guest speakers, special events like the Diversity Summit, and remarks from certain members in the Penn State administration.

Current Penn State students that are attending a Commonwealth campus and are interested in coming to a CCSG Council should speak with their campus’ SGA for more information.

Council Dates for the 2021-22 Academic Year:

October 1st – 2nd
November 5th – 6th
February 4th – 5th
March 18th – 19th
April 8th – 9th

The Councillor (February Edition)

Read The Councillor, CCSG’s newsletter detailing the recent accomplishments and goals not only of CCSG, but also of numerous PSU Commonwealth campuses. The October newsletter will be released once we are closer to Council Weekend!

Council Weekend- Documentation Archive & Resources: