Student Affairs

Anna Capria
Director of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee is comprised of a group of Penn State students focused on engaging the entire community in student growth and development. The committee gathers information and seeks ways to support the academic and personal development of students at Penn State. This year, the committee will be focusing on three major goals.

Raising Awareness for CCSG Initiatives through Social Media

In order to successfully carry out new goals and deliverables at CCSG, having student feedback from a variety of Commonwealth campuses is crucial. The Student Affairs Committee would like to increase visibility for initiatives though social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, during the academic year. We believe that this will not only allow projects and legislation to reach an even wider range of Commonwealth students, but also will offer us new perspectives that enhance the way we impact Penn State as a whole.

Increasing Communication with PSU Students by Hosting Open Forums

CCSG strongly believes that no student voice should go unheard. To achieve this, the Student Affairs Committee is interested in hosting numerous open forums throughout the year for all Penn State students across the Commonwealth. These open forums would educate students about CCSG, allow students to voice their concerns, and ultimately let students inform CCSG about issues that should be prioritized. While the details regarding the open forums have yet to be finalized, we would like to open more channels for communication between students at the Commonwealth and staff at CCSG in order to best advocate for the student voice during the academic year.

Obtaining Student Feedback after Council Weekends via Surveys

The Student Affairs Committee would like to implement a survey at the end of each Council Weekend in order to check-in with each campus post-council and provide feedback to CCSG on ways to improve. We would like to ensure that there is a space where each of the nineteen campuses can provide their feedback on initiatives and voice their opinions about Council.