Governmental Affairs

Kareem Elsergany
Director of Governmental Affairs

Governmental Affairs Committee

The Governmental Affairs Committee is comprised of a group of Penn State students focused on engaging the entire community in working with government officials and influencing public policy. The committee gathers information and seeks ways to coordinate legislative efforts by working with state and local governments. This year, the committee will be focusing on three major goals.

Building Relationships between Penn State Students and State Legislators  

By building long-lasting relationships with members of the United States government, the Governmental Affairs Committee believes that PSU students will be able to feel comfortable reaching out to their local legislators not only to voice their position, but to relay information they receive from the legislator to others. Additionally, creating an environment where our representatives are familiar with Penn State and can put a face on the student body will increase the chances of having favorable legislation passed. 

Securing an Increase in Funding for Penn State

Receiving an increase in funding for Penn State is one of the Governmental Affairs Committee’s top goals. One way the committee plans to achieve this is through Advocate Penn State Capital Day, the University’s largest single-day advocacy event at the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in Harrisburg. By securing more funds, CCSG can increase the amount of money available to Penn State and work towards a more affordable education by lowering tuition and having more money available to benefit students in need. 

Supporting and Advocating for Legislation that Benefits Students 

The Governmental Affairs Committee strives to better the lives of all Penn State students across the nineteen Commonwealth campuses. The committee will work to review all legislation currently on the table at both the state and federal level throughout the academic year. Any legislation that is found to be to the benefit of Penn State students will be advocated for.