• To Be Uploaded
  • Student Affairs
  • C.R. 16-17.11 (In Condemnation of the Unfair Treatment of International Students at Penn StateS)

  • C.R. 16-17.12 (In Continued Support of Drive to Strive)

  • Governmental Affairs
  • C.R. 16-17.10 (In Support of Furthering Legislative Outreach)

  • Student Affairs
  • C.R. 15-16.01 (In Support of Bystander Intervention Education)

  • C.R. 15-16.03 (In Support of Drive to Strive)

  • C.R. 15-16.06 (In Support of University-wide Full-time Counselors)

  • C.R. 15-16.07 (In Support of New Student General Education Reform)

  • Governmental Affairs
  • C.R. 15-16.02 (In Support of the Legislative Platform)

  • C.R. 15-16.04 (In Support of a Campus Governmental Affairs Appointee)

  • C.R. 15-16.05 (In Support of Fossil Fuel Divestment)

  • C.R. 15-16.08 (The Legislative Outreach Commission)

  • C.R. 14-15.10 (Amending the CCSG Constitution)

  • Student Affairs
  • C.R. 14-15.05 (University LEED Certification)

  • C.R. 14-15.08 (Campus Mental Health and Wellness)

  • C.R. 14-15.09 (General Education Requirement Reform)

  • C.R. 14-15.11 (Best Practices for International Student Success at Commonwealth Campuses)

  • C.R. 14-15.14 (Student Facility Fee)

  • C.R. 14-15.15 (University Smoking Policy and Guidelines)

  • C.R. 14-15.13 (Project Decision Review Board)

  • C.R. 14-15.07 (Smoking/Tobacco Policy)

  • Governmental Affairs
  • C.R. 14-15.01 (Budget)

  • C.R. 14-15.04 (Governance Proposal A+)

How to Write Legislation

When proposing an idea it is suggested that you follow the steps below:

  1. Write down the premise of the idea in a draft legislation using the legislation document below. Use knowledgeable resources to craft legislation that can get your message to a variety of student groups and campuses.
  2. Use a CCSG committee to get it to the floor of Council for a vote. Use a committee that would find the topic relevant. Then contact that committee director, he or she would be able to help you introduce it to the whole committee.
  3. The draft legislation will be included in the Council Booklet and sent to all Commonwealth Campuses for review prior to a Council Weekend.
  4. Then it would be business as usual during Council to pass the legislation!

CCSG Legislation Template